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Original B&B Joggers Unisex


Made to love, tailored for comfort. These original B&B joggers with their comfortable nature are a classic. In a shade of grey that blends well with your other clothing items, its calming effect on you cannot be overemphasized.

Being comfortable while working out is very necessary for getting the desired results, and B&B brings you all the comfort and more with these joggers. Designed with the new SweatSorbTM technology, they are able to absorb sweat/moisture during your workout, guaranteeing you a cool, dry feel throughout the session.

It’s a snug fit that gives you all the refreshing ventilation you need, and unlike conventional non-absorbent joggers, this masterpiece is extra layered to soothe your skin from the interior. Workout feeling cozy and extremely relaxed!

• Easy to Wear and Long-Wearing
• Quality Material
• Durable Crafting
• Extremely Comfortable and Has A Feel That Relaxes
• Work and Lifestyle Fabric