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Exile Euphoric Weight Loss


Thermogenic Fat Burner

For the First Time Ever, we have delivered fat loss with Euphoria, and an uplift in your daily mood. Exile is meant to shed the unwanted fat through dramatically increasing core temperature, leading to rapid caloric burn.

Utilizing the famous, yet basic ECA stack effect, we have substituted several Beta Adrengenic Agonists for Ephedra (E), imparted several forms of caffeine © for enhanced energy, and added a hint of white willow bark to thin your blood, thus completing the aspirin effect. When combined with a cardio session, or any exercise to create a sweat, and increase heart-rate, Exile will begin sending fat from it’s safe haven (fat cell), to its final resting place (muscle cell).

This burning of excess, stored fat yields large amounts of energy. It is triggered via the stimulation of the central nervous system, and begins a cascade of physiological responses that takes the fat from their storage sites and releases them into the cells or circulation where they can then be metabolized into usable energy.

Feel great, lose the weight

  • Metabolic Enhancement
  • No Crash Technology
  • Fat Incinerating Matrix
  • Positive Mood Support

To support this recalibration in fat metabolism, we’ve included additional synergistic botanicals such as Hoodia gordonii, EXILE-ing hunger and cravings, while also providing Green Tea & Phyllanthus emblica for their potent antioxidant content. For further added support, B-Vitamins are also included to promote optimal carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.