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Ava Seamless Top


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Chest out and with head held high, walk proudly with our active Ava Seamless Top. Made with superior spandex and nylon materials, this top builds you up just as your workout does! Your ego has a coach.
Designed with lattice-style mesh and laser-cut blends on both the front and back, this seamless piece gives you the bold look. You're ready to defeat the worst of gruesome gym sessions with this white Ava Seamless Top, a head turner no doubt. The olive embroidered “Bars and Branches” logo on the bottom right makes as much of a statement as the rest of this noteworthy top.
The sweat-wicking effect of this top cools down your skin so you can go longer hours in the gym giving your all and achieving even more. The only bad workout you can have with this top is the one that didn't happen!

• High-Quality Spandex and Nylon Material
• Comfortable Feel and Skin-Loving
• Removable Bra Pads for The Fit of Your Choice
• Durable Top Ensuring the Maximum Value for Money
• Highly Functional Make for Even the Highest Energy Workouts
• Trendy Design
• Easy to Wear
-92% Nylon, 8% Spandex


Model is 5’4 wearing a size Small

Size Guide

Sizing (in) Bust Waist
XS 31-32 |24-25 |24-25
S 33-34 | 26-27 | 26-27
M 35-36| 28-29 |28-29
L 37-38 |30-33 | 30-33
XL 39-41| 34-36| 34-36