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Full Circle Women’s Tee

$35.00 $25.00

Prepare to get hooked to this classic. Simple but with an understated elegance, this tank top instills a cool vibe, making you feel relaxed as you work out. The most comfortable tank top you'll ever wear, it is easy to wear as you rush for your training sessions.
It will easily become one of your favorite active wears, as it is easy to pair with any bold print of your choosing. It complements your wonderful physique with its delicious ribbings and flattering neckline which is... promising.

Definitely a charmer, its breathable material provides a lot of ventilation for your inners, making you feel cool and comfortable even as you exercise rigorously. It gives a delightful awareness that is out of this world with an easy, drapey fit and merrowed bottom hem. More importantly, it can be worn casually in hot climates for a relaxing freshness.

Move along with your routines feeling soothed in our Full Circle Tee, an awesome blend of the fashionable and the comfortable!

• 100% Cotton material
• Side seamed efficiently to make it last longer
• Can accommodate a full range of motions
• Trendy Design
• Easy to Wear