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Fun Ways To Change Up Your Diet

Posted by Dolly Castro on

We all have a relationship with food, some good and some not so good. But there’s no one way to eat healthy. Unless you’ve been gifted with the world’s best metabolism (kudos if you have), most of us have to be cautious of what we eat to get the bod we want.


Diets don’t have to be scary. And not all carbs are evil. We’re giving you a few tips on changing your diet to keep it fun, interesting, and exciting.


Step Away From The Broccoli; aka Don’t Eat The Foods You Hate

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean stuffing yourself with endless amounts of kale and washing it down with celery juice. If you don’t like certain “healthy” foods, don’t eat them. You shouldn’t be dreading your next meal; you should look forward to feeding your body with nutritious foods you actually want to eat. If eating a salad for dinner makes you reminisce about how satisfying a Big Mac is, then opt for a more filling option packed with protein like baked salmon, chicken tacos, or a hearty beef stew.


Try New Recipes:

If being stuck in quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that making sourdough isn’t as easy as it looks, and banana bread is one of the best foods ever invented. Regardless if you’re still social distancing, take some time to learn new recipes. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at Pad Thai, or make a batch of healthy homemade granola to top over yogurt in the morning. The point here is to change up your routine. Eating healthy can get repetitive. By making your own diverse, nutritious meals, you have the power to tweak the recipe to match your taste buds!

Guilty Indulgences Are OK:

Well, sometimes. We’re only mere humans, and sometimes the chocolate craving is just too strong to resist. Keeping your diet fun doesn’t include depriving yourself of your favorite foods. But instead of going ham on a whole bag of Mini Reese’s Cups, try to find a healthier replacement. Brands today are offering tons of low-sugar, organic alternatives to our most beloved snacks. Browse the ‘healthy’ section of your grocery store - you may be surprised at all the hidden gems!


Supplement With Supplements:

It’s probably a bit harder than you think to get all of your essential daily nutrients solely from food. Don’t get us wrong; it’s possible, but it will take a lot of meal planning, calculating, and eating a wide variety of foods - all in a day. Supplements are not intended to replace foods. Instead, they improve the nutrient density of your diet. Juggling work, friends, and family doesn’t leave a whole lot of extra time to count how many milligrams of Vitamin C is in the orange you just ate.


Dieting shouldn’t feel like a punishment. These fun changes will help give your body the nutrients, fuel, and energy you need to do what you love! Whatever that may be, from hitting the gym to brunching with your best friends.


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